Permaculture in Practice 6

Picture 177This video, whose aim is to inspire people to start their own permaculture projects, shows how permaculture is practiced in four very different settings: a backyard garden, an urban community garden, a co-op restaurant garden, and a small farm.


    • I know not erveyday will be a good one, but erveyday will be a chosen one – full of hard work and creative problem solving. The joy of waking with the chickens, watching the bees fly home with little yellow britches, studying our little acre and making plans for a sustainable life, all of this will be the reward.That paragraph is at the heart of my desire to farm. Thank you!

  1. [..YouTube..] That’s awesome. I know its been a year since you posetd this. However, today i finished reading Valis by Philip K. Dick. Very similar to Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger. If you haven’t read cosmic trigger or Valis, I must urge you to read those two books. Blew my mind.

  2. that is an amazing anaimtion, isn’t it? eek! our county stays the same yellow color all the way up to the very end, and then is the only red square in a sea of purple/black. not too bad here. housing market stale, hard to sell houses (but not impossible), house values didn’t tank, unemployment not too bad. can’t complain. but wow, to see the whole country in one thing like that. amazing. definitely the start of something! while i am sure it can be stressful, the end of the talons in the heart of freedom is a good thing. moving you on to the next part of your life. good luck!

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