David versus Monsanto 4

Picture 246Monsanto has long been trying to establish control over the seeds of the plants that produce food for the world. They have patented a number of genetically altered food crops, which can only be grown with proper license, and the seeds for which must be purchased anew each year.

Alas, genetically engineered (GE) crops cannot be contained. And rather than being found guilty of contaminating farmers’ property, Monsanto has successfully sued hundreds of unsuspecting farmers for patent infringement when unlicensed GE crops were found growing in their fields. Many farmers have subsequently, quite literally, lost their farms.

Percy Schmeiser of Saskatchewan, Canada, is but one of Monsanto’s victims, but contrary to so many others, he refused to quietly tolerate the injustice. In a classic case of David versus Goliath, Schmeiser fought back against one of the most powerful businesses in the world.


  1. Bhutan set to plough lone furrow as world’ s first wholly organic country
    http://www.guardian.co.uk › … › Poverty matters blogShare
    6 days ago – The decision to go organic was both practical and philosophical, said Gyamtsho, … pangs being felt everywhere in rapidly emerging countries.

  2. I watched something else about this case not long ago & was outraged by the audacity & thug-like tactics of corporations like Monsanto, Bayer & others. I am gladdened by the justice won by the hard work of Percy & Louisa, and am encouraged to continue fighting this most necessary fight for seed sovereignty! Earth is the only planet we have!

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