Obama Promises ‘Immediate’ GMO Labeling in 2007 Speech 3

OSantoObama promised ‘immediate’ labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) amid serious demand for labeling from upwards of 93-95% of citizens conservatively based on numbers from numerous polling organizations.

5 years later, the promise for GMO labeling has not been fulfilled. Instead, Obama appointed Monsanto VP Michael Taylor as an adviser to the FDA. He currently occupies another key position in the FDA.


  1. “the president is not exempt…..” R U KIDDING? THIS stuff is tailor=made for the low down, conniving, devious and underhanded POS in the WH. and, can you believe this….STOOPID CALIFORNIANS voted against it, probably because they vaguely remember seeing a GMO sponsored advertisement, so without ANY KNOWLEDGE of what they were doing or ANY understanding whatsoever, they put their BIG NO on the proposition. and BTW, once again, he snuck this controversial executive order past everyone on FRIDAY…that way he avoids the M-F journalists, especially the WH press.

  2. You mean Obama lied? So not shocked the man has never told the truth. If you want GMO free food you need to collect you own seeds and grow your own food.

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