Mexico vs Monsanto 12

Corn has been Mexico’s staple for thousands of years. Yet farmers fear that the country’s hundreds of local varieties can be lost to an invasive outsider: genetically modified corn.


  1. These types of issues need to be personalized. The typical customer at the grocery store barely looks at the price much less gives a thought to the origin of their food.
    I would like to see stores support transparency of origin and genetic type by using signs on each food type that displays not only price, but the genetic type of food as well.
    Monsanto can then sell their frankenfood for whatever they want as long as their signs give truthful information.

    • i cant get passed the need to give millions of poor people food by enabling them to grow their own. permaculture and companion planting etc. not more chemicals and bulk commercially. But getting local and independent, and getting instincts back that were lost from the disease of dependence on monopolies. etc. Like thomas jefferson’s vision for america.


  2. Maize to Mexico is what breath is to life! To jeopardize or destroy this most essential part of their indigenous culture is immoral & obscene. Shame on anyone who thinks GMO’s aren’t dangerous to life on Earth!

      • Thank you! I am humbled & honored by your comment. Hold on to hope & keep fighting the good fight against GMO’s. It is sad to realize how many heirloom species have been lost over the last 100 years. Planting heirlooms & sharing seeds is the most radical thing we can do to save Mother Earth. Peace!

  3. I am Mexican, and I really appreciate foreign support on this matter. We need it, as it is so hard and frequently frustrating for a poor uneducated population to fight against multinational supercompanies just for our right to keep our so fragile alimentary independence and traditional sustainable agriculture. Please, don’t let us down, the fight is not just for Mexican maize, nor for conservationism of the past, but for the future and freedom of all humanity.
    Sow the seed of fight, feed it with faith and courage, harvest freedom.
    Mexican machetes shall rise against Monsanto!

  4. who are the two men who are speaking in favor of planting transgenic corn in Mexico? I would like their names if anyone knows. Thank you.

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