I Stand with Farmers vs. Monsanto 11

Picture 245On January 31, 2012, 55 farmers and plaintiffs traveled to Manhattan to hear oral arguments regarding Monsanto’s motion to dismiss their lawsuit, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) vs. Monsanto filed earlier in the summer.

At the heart of the lawsuit is the threat that family farmers face due to genetic trespass as a result of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GMO) seed and the aggressive enforcement of the biotech seed and chemical giant’s alleged patent rights.


  1. Not only do I stand for GMO labeling, I believe GMO should be illegal entirely. As should poisonous chemical pesticides. Restore natures balance, sustainable farming is required to protect our future generations.

  2. If we are not given the right to grow our own food, if we are forced to eat whatever the government approves, we are no longer free. Food and water are the last of the basic rights of survival. My family supports GMO labeling. We support local, organic farming. We support the right and freedom to grow our own food. We do NOT support anything related to Monsanto, not only in our community but worldwide. ~Gerean Pflug and Family, Ashland, Oregon, USA ~

    • We are not “GIVEN” the right to grow our own food, we are BORN with the DUTY to grow our food or know how to harvest sustainably. No one can tell us not to feed ourselves, We need to stop giving away our inherent rights as humans!
      We can only be “forced” if we first give away our freedoms. I applaud your family and its efforts to grow your own and to support healthful choices.

      Keep up the good work and help teach others that eating healthily is cheaper than paying Drs. to “fix” our illnesses from nutritional deficiencies.

  3. We Are the Creators of Our Reality! Not the Victims!!!
    Our Choices Create Our Reality!!!
    If people stop supporting all GMO and processed foods by simply buying only organic, local and fresh products (to start to eat fresh simple diet which is what our bodies are designed for, and for our full health and balance 🙂 – there would be not GMO and processed food on the market!
    This is the most Enlightened-Benevolent Outcome for fading away anything what harms the Humanity!
    Being against something we do not want – we are feeding with our Energy this unwanted outcome, and it manifests in our Reality! Supporting something means buying and being with! ❤

    • Margaret, I love what you’ve said! It was just perfect!

      The solution is simple. Just like in the old days of door to door salesmen…shut the darned door! Don’t buy the stuff! Geez…

  4. Today’s NYT business page 1 includes a below the fold article titled, “Farmer’s Supreme Court Challenge Puts Monsanto Patents at Risk,” and challenges the corporations assertions that its patents extend beyond the first generation of seed replication. If successful, the challenge will seriously hinder the corporation claims that any GMO that can pass its traits to another generation, or perhaps to other plants, extends the ownership of said rights indefinitely. Sadly, the US Justice Department is (perhaps predictably) siding against farmers and nature and with Monsanto, which has a remarkable number of former legislators on its board of directors.

  5. This is sad and reprehensible! I believe the time has come to collectively sue our government for dereliction of duty! Time and time again, the U.S. Government has proven that it has chosen to represent, stand for and protect the Corporations of the world – not its citizens, as is written in our Constitution.

    Why should we allow this theft of our freedoms and basic human needs? Is this not what we came to this country to avoid?
    It is shameful and financially foolhardy to alienate the very people that they need to sustain their own growth and prosperity. They have proven they are manipulative, lying thieves. Where in our Constitution does it say we have to be led by – or follow rules made by – charlatans and thieves?

    I stand with and for the Farmers of this country and will avail myself of every opportunity to educate, advocate and support this foundational move to restore our freedom from tyranny.

  6. Why don’t the farmers patent all the organic varieties and give the ownership of the patent to the public or masses not some corporate body or artificial person/entity. That everyone born in this world, would automatically own the public patent. Then since it is public patent, then the public can sue any corporation for their seed that contaminated with organic varieties, to be owned by the public thus corporations cannot own seeds that contain organic gene.

  7. If corporation want to own patent on seed, the must create the whole new genetic strain for that seed for it to be considered patent. They can never take heirloom variety gene from seed and modify it by inserting certain alien gene in that existing heirloom gene. That is not patent. That is patent infringement. If only the public is protected by public patent, this thing would never happen.

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