Junk Yard Converted into Food Forest 6

In this video, Juli and Jeff Gillies demonstrate a wide array of permaculture homesteading techniques on their 5 acres in Alberta, Canada. In just a couple of years they have transformed their land – an old junk yard – into a beautiful and productive garden, complete with a food forest and up-cycled raised beds.


  1. How do folks who reclaim “junkyards” ensure that the soil they use for growing food does not still contain pollutants from the junk they removed? Lead, nickel, mercury and other heavy metals are all common metals used in much of the products that become “junkyard” materials and they are toxic and are taken up by the plants growing on soil with these contaminants. I’m sure there has been an effort to address these issues, I am just not aware of them, and the above article did not address the toxic soil issue.

    • Since they used tractor tires as their raised beds and their own amended growing medium within the tires, the roots of the plants more than likely stayed above the ground line within the tire. Most tree roots grow in only the top 18 inches of soil and tractor tires are much deeper than car or truck tires.

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