1. My Avocados (4) started giving fruit in 4 & 5 years. My Lemon tree is 12 feet tall & still hasnt flowered yet. BTW – all my trees are in the ground. They’re like people, they have to go through puberty first 😉

      • So funny that you should write this – I’ve been eatnig avocados every day for over a week now – just SO delicious! Also a good thing to eat in the morning is toasted bread (a nice crispy kind) and then cut a tomato in half and then just spread the cut tomato along the piece of bread (kind of like smushing it on the toast but, make sure to not leave the 1/2 of tomato on the toast – you just want the juices to be on the toast) and drizzle olive oil on it afterwards- it’s really, really delicious.

      • It’s the mineral elements in the nail that help speed up the growth process. Most galvanized nails or copper materials have trace elements of zinc, copper, magnesium, etc; in their makeup. Its why grass and weeda grow highest near postlines of fencing, not because livestock couldn’t graze around it. Try it out in your garden to help promote a faster yield for your apartment gardens. Also look up more info on the subject, im sure there are more creative ways to use such techniques.

  2. Hi there,

    I am growing the seeds right in soil. I have now about 6 plants, 1-6 month old this way.
    I think the reason why the plant stalls or dies if you transplant too early is this. The plant has 2 or 3 sources of energy to grow, depending on the stage it is in. Light, Water from Soil, or from Seed. When the plant is just a seed, the energy needed is buffered by the seed, one it has a decent shoot the roots will have developed so far, that they support the plant.
    if you transplant here, the roots will get some damage that you can not prevent… so it takes quit some time to regain strength. Once the plant has leafs, the generate the needed energy even if the roots get a wee bit damaged.
    At least that is my thinking !

    • You know, it’s so funny because I was going to ask you about this the other day when you mennioted it as your go-to snack. I’d never heard of it and it sounds delish! I even cut up some avocado for our salad last night because it was on the brain!

    • before, You r amazing!!! []Patty Rodriguez Reply:April 28th, 2011 at 10:40 pmThanks so much freind!!![]Patty Rodriguez Reply:June 5th, 2011 at 5:22 pmthanks for your comment Rebecca, looking forward to cooking with you![]

  3. I Never have had luck with the avacado seed with toothpicks in a jar. However…3 seperate seeds, their own plastic sandwich bags…half of seed in water…let them sit on a plate in my kitchen (I have lots of Natural indirect light) and they grew roots and they sprouted stems and a few leaves throught the opening I had in bag. Planted and …little avacado trees!!

  4. Giving your lemon tree a citrus fertilizer should encourage flower growth. I have an avocado that is around three years old, it shot up to about six feet but no flowers… I have heard that they take a really long time to fruit if they are in pots. Mine is in a south facing sun room.

  5. this is a good post! u have no idea how many organic avcdo seeds I have just thrown away!…guilt with every one. 😦 so thanks for the post! also, am setting to till, wire & woodpost fence, & section grow my front lawn this season…I Love square foot & raised bed gardens..any ideas or direct from any one? Stay Happy In Health!! 🙂

    • Have you ever had the avocado toast from Cafe Gitane in SoHo? AMAZING. They use a liltte olive oil and lemon and sprinkle it with crushed red pepper flakes. Truly delightful!

  6. Great video man! I found some more helpful info while doin a bit more research that I thought would help those of us who have no idea what we’re doing: When the avocado seed is still suspended over the water:
    When the stem grows to about five or six inches pinch out the top set of leaves. In another two or three weeks new leaves will sprout and their will be more roots.
    Theres more helpful info at this site:

    Thanks for the information!

  7. hay …1 you don’t need a heat pad….2 there is no difference in how old the avo is to how big the seed is…that is like saying all people with x has y ….really ….I have been growing avos for about 21 years….i have a 4 year old tree….and about eight others….

    • Oh no. You were so careful in Missoula in keniepg her away from sick people. Illness is here in Pattee Creek. Melissa had to go to the ER this AM with excessive coughing. I guess going into a Hospital where germs’ are all over the place is not the best place to not get sick. I hope it is not to bad so you don’t lose momentum. Hang in there. Hope it is a quick illness. Kiss Gia for me. Mom

  8. I love avocados. Have been growing them from the seed since years. We now have over 4 trees fruiting and another 6 in the ground. Only problem is the biggest tree has fruit falling off when the cherry size!! Any ideas on what to do?

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