• he would be planting corn one year and penauts the next, rotating the crops. I don’t really know where his seed comes from. I was already sad that the trees were gone but totally accepted that it was his property to do with as he liked, but I feel that this is a threat to all our health and well-being. When I have sent letters to my Senators and congressman there reply is that the population of the world is increasing and we have to feed everyone, and that GMOs have been tested and are safe. It’s a huge problem for all of us, we must stand together on this.

  1. what an excellent way to repopulate our fields and common areas with edible, sustainable foods. A fabulous source of not only peace and tranquility but sustenance as well. Well thought out and 100% do-able anywhere!

  2. I am *so glad* my kid is in a place that doesn’t emphasize parnteal labor. I don’t know what we’re going to do when he goes to real school, if they have all these extra demands – there are evenings we barely manage to feed ourselves, much less make snack for 60 little eaters, all with various dietary restrictions. I have a coworker who will pass up local producec if it’s been sprayed at all, even IPM minimal spray, in favor of organic produce from New Zealand or Chile. If organic is the only yardstick for “healthy” your kids may end up eating a lot of cookies made with dehydrated cane juice instead of sugar.

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