1. I am completely new to this method, is there a second part where you actually show how to place plants and start them growing…also…like Tammy asked..where do you find the sprayer heads. Thank you for taking the time to share with the rest of us.

  2. Maybe I missed something, but the system seems to eat a lot of electricity. Putting more carbon in the air. Why not just plant plants in soil. You can make enriched worm poo soil with worms eating leaves, paper, or fruit scraps.

  3. Aeroponics is by far the best method of growing for high yields, the only problem is if the mister that provides the nutrient to the plant blocks up they die really fast. If you were to use nft, flood and drain, or even soil growing if the nutrient stops you can get away with it for at least a couple of days, I should know it as happened to me before.

  4. We have a hydroponic system that does not waste electricity, and is SO much easier to build than this. It does include fish which can be tricky to find (tilapia)

    • i would like to know more about the fish and cheaper ideas.. I have read about ideas like this. How effective is your method..

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