Growing Micro Greens and Organic Produce for Restaurants 4

Chef Stacey Givens, founder and owner of The Side Yard in Portland, Oregon, and chef at Raptor Ridge Winery in Newberg, talks about growing micro greens and selling them to the city’s finest restaurants.



    • Honestly i am in two minds on whether to take stand for or agsanit. you are simply sharing your own point,i appreciate it. For some it will ring true for others it may not resemble their experience at all. I’m simply encouraging dialogue in the hope others will get the support they need.

    • [..YouTube..] That’s awesome. I know its been a year since you poetsd this. However, today i finished reading Valis by Philip K. Dick. Very similar to Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger. If you haven’t read cosmic trigger or Valis, I must urge you to read those two books. Blew my mind.

  1. Thanks Yes, they are Australorps and this is the first time we have had chickens and we peckid the breed after quite a bit of research. They are not flighty, and they are calm and easy to be around. We would definatly get them again in the future. The Chicken Tractor is still going fine, and we designed the garden beds to be the size of the tractor, so we move them around as the crops cycle.

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