1. Is this a pubic school or a prtvaie school? Or is it a preschool?I think that any parent who insists that his/her child only eat a certain thing should have to provide it – even if that meant sending in an individual snack every day. Parents who know nothing about organics or can’t afford organics probably are flustered right now. If I were a teacher/administrator in that school I’d probably send a note home saying something like:”Healthy food is important for your child’s education because blah, blah, blah. Because of this, we’re encouraging parents to consider organics when preparing snacks for the class.Here is a list of easy organic snacks that won’t empty out your wallet:listlistlistlistIf you can’t provide organics, here is a list of other, healthy snacks that are good for the childrenlistlistlistlist”There is so much more to feeding a family healthy, nutritious whole foods than just grabbing the poly bag of pre-cut organic carrots.I understand the parent is trying to good for her kid and the rest of the kids in the class, but she needs to further educate herself. There’s a huge learning curve with this stuff.

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